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Podcast Quality Boost and Publishing Services


Producing a quality sounding Podcast, with written shownotes, edits, content management, tagging, uploading and publishing takes time. Too many podcasters and entrepreneurs waste valuable time hustling with the production process. Not to mention, their podcast could sound a lot more professional! Giving your listeneres with a much better experience.

You get 10% off services to boost your Podcast quality, done-for-you editing, and full publishing workflow.

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What happens when you sign up?

Still unsure if freeing up time to do more of the work you should be focusing on, here’s what you can expect when signing up for one of my services. More questions? feel free to reach out.

1. We're doing a brainstorm call

To have me take over the workload of your Podcast production, we start with an online brainstorming call via Zoom. I will learn more about your podcast and you share your business and content strategy.

2. Send over Podcast content

You will get access to your spesific Dropbox folder where you can place your episode audio files and Podcast content. The same audio file poppes into the same Dropbox folder with edits complete.

3. Editing and publishing

Based on the package you sign up for I will deliver professionally edited Podcast episodes. And I will take care of your Podcast shownotes, content editing, and publishing to all your platforms. 

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