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Podcast Startup Mentor

I’m here to give your Podcast a flying start. We’ll pick the right concept, the gear, get you recording, and create a publishing work-flow you will love.

What Podcasting questions do you need help with Right Now?

How to start a Podcast

Get one-on-one consulting and training on how to go about starting your podcast. From idea to recording and publishing your first episode.

Podcast Tech Setup

Get advice on Podcast audio gear, tools, and setup for recording your episodes in high quality. Podcast consulting will improve your channel and user experience.

Podcast Editing

Deliver your Podcast recording and receive quality and industry standard audio excelence. Improve your listeners experience with your brand.

Podcast Publishing

Your Podcast shownotes, editing, tagging, and publishing is all taken care of for you. Free up time to work on other matters in your business.

How to podcast from your mobile phone

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How to start a Podcast From Your Mobile Phone.

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How to Start a Quality Podcast

A clear idea and concept

When starting a podcast, having a clear idea who you will be broadcasting and sharing your content to will be the first step in the startup. 


Pick your podcasting gear

When you’re a beginner podcaster, it can be confusing and overwhelming picking the right setup for your podcasting goals. It does not have to be advanced! 


Have a productive workflow

Having a plan and a productive workflow makes your podcast production a lot more fun. There are some really good tools to use for that. 


Let’s Get Started

Ready to get started? Let’s Build this Thing Together!