I’m Nives Kurjak

About Me

I’m here to give your Podcast a flying start. We’ll pick the right concept, the gear, get you recording, and create a publishing work-flow you will love.

“I have always been most passionate about telling stories”…

As a small kid, I was always into sound, whether it was by playing an instrument, listening to radio or music, or by recording people stories with Portable Microcassette voice recorder which was ‘’borrowed’’ from my dad. I always loved the process of storytelling.

Later on, I got my basic skills with an Academic degree as Sound Designer and as an editor for Visual media and Broadcast. My university professor’s words were that “I have my own signature” when listening to my work. That’s probably because I care a lot about all the magic that a story can convey.

And I’m on a never-ending journey of improvement.

In order to understand the world around you, you have to understand yourself.

So I implement my daily routine of Kundalini Yoga in my work. Just as I learn how to ride the wild horse of abundance of creative energy, so does my purpose of encouraging people to do same by sharing wonderful stories and inspire others.

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