How to podcast from your mobile phone

How to start a podcast from your mobile phone

My quick read eBook and one-week email course will teach you how to start your podcast from your couch!

Get the beginner’s guide to reaching the world with your podcast. Or maybe as a motivation, if you’re an experienced podcaster, to simplify your workflow. 

In this quick-start eBook and one week email training you will learn how to:


Record and edit your podcast on your mobile

I will show you how fast and simple you can get your voice and message out to the world, right from your iPhone or Android mobile phone.


How to create and add your channel coverart

Creating and adding your own podcast channel cover art is easier than you think. And it makes your podcast stand out.


Add royalty free music tracks to your episodes

You will learn how to add intro music, background music, and outros to your podcast episodes.


Podcast production templates for consistency

Get my podcast episode production templates to make a recording, editing, and publishing a smooth workflow. You will stay consistent with each episode.

For $29 you will get my eBook, one week of email course follow-up, and podcast production templates!

Only $29 one-time purchase. 

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